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What stops us from growing our own food?
Here’s our solution in the form of a service called veggyTERRACE™, designed to help you grow your own food, in plenty and variety.
What happens if one is inside the building for 10 hours? issues like blood oxygen, eye irritation, lower respiratory symptoms, headaches, upper respiratory symptoms, lung impairment, Asthma...Try our oxypot™ air clean service.


urban farming on roof tops

Traditional gardening is slow due to restricted availability of water and nutrients. It is water wasting, significant amount of water is required due to evaporation and drainage in to the earth below the plant roots. It is labor intensive, typically requiring soil preparation, tilling and weeding. veggyTERRACE™,

  • To grow food on good roof space.
  • Conducts analyses to focus on profitable crops
  • To create small-producer farming economy.


oxypot™ clean air

grow fresh air with special plants

Indoor Contamination caused by toxins from the materials we use in our day to day life can affect in ways that are hard to imagine. Fatigue, disorientation, muscular pain, joint pain, eczemas, eruptions, dizziness, accelerated breathing, asthma, anxiety, sinusitis, headache, decreased focusing capacity, insomnia, irregular heart rhythm, mood disorders..are some of the effects of our prolonged daily exposure to Indoor Contamination. oxypot™ clean air service,

  • to grow fresh air with special plants.
  • conducts analyses to focus on the right plants.
  • to implement and sustain the planted material.


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