veggyBARREL™ offers the ability to grow tons of fresh veggies, herbs, fruits & more. Soil nourishment happens by the food waste fed into the central feed pipe containing earthworms. Worms provide a living soil environment for healthy plant growth. The central pipe allows the worms to travel back and forth into the entire structure. The continuous movement of the worms in the composting pipe and around the container distributes healthy worm manure and creates channels for steady aeration throughout the soil. Through this process, the soil is renewed continuously.


WALLy™ frames harness, the power of the Sun to decorate your walls, beyond your imagination. Lightweight, sturdy and long-lasting, they are filled with growRITE® soil to grow as per your design.


Made from compost with right Carbon to Nitrogen ration and NPK. Rich in microbes & fungi to ensure 100% healthy and nutritious plant growth. Has all the micro and macro ingredients to nourish the plants.


Want to be more productive?
oxypot™ desktop planter on your table can help.

oxypot™ with English Ivy offers “Micro Restoration” – the chance for our brains to recharge through out the day. Fantastic for people with Asthma and allergies.


EM™ means “Effective Microorganisms™” and it is made up of beneficial and highly efficient organisms. These microorganisms are not harmful, non-pathogenic, not genetically modified, nor chemically synthesized. EM™ is a natural and probiotic technology developed, 28 years ago, in Japan, by Dr. Teruo Higa, who is the author of the famous book series “An EARTH Saving Revolution”.

At present, EM™ is used in more than 120 countries and there are over 54 manufacturers in the world. More than 30 research centers, across various countries, create and analyze new alternatives daily to increase and expand the range of this technology.


Panchagavya is an organic product rich in nutrients & growth hormones required for healthy plants. Panchagavya microbes help in flowering, enhance, enhance aroma and increase the yield. Our Panchagavya is made from cow dung, cow urine, milk, curd, jaggery, ghee, banana, Tender coconut and water.

Recommended dosage
If sprayed, use 30 ml Panchagavya in 1 litre chlorine free water.
If watered , use 10 ml Panchagavya in 1 litre chlorine free water.