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Growing local can ensure
food security poverty alleviation
and sustainable development.

Traditional commercial agriculture would require about 20 times more water annually, loosing half of its water to run off, evaporation and flood irrigation. What is the future?

The future of farming is looking up, with organic edible gardening using veggyBARREL® on concreted surfaces like rooftops, balconies and pavements. And this edible gardening is happening for a variety of reasons.
For one, it offers remedy to the mounting economic difficulties that independent farmers face.

But more importantly, it's rising out of enviromental concerns - space, soil health, climate change and vital ecosystems decimated by monoculture. If locally produced and sold, food becomes much cheaper.

It's important to focus on the most profitable crops, in terms of time, yield, price and demand. We see potential in the thousands of roofs.

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