- Bring back forgotten tastes,

- Guilt free food and

- Happiness to grow with own hands.

veggyBARREL® can make it happen.


veggyBARREL™ is a breakthrough edible gardening solution that produces large quantities with a small footprint. Rigorously tested by several master gardeners.


We see potential in the thousands of roofs that can grow salad greens and leafy greens, root crops and rotating seasonal crops like brinjals and tomatoes.


Enables growing fresh leafy greens and herbs on vertical surfaces. Grow on your walls, fences or restaurant. An ideal solution for limited floor spaces.

oxypot™ clean air

Planters that reduce airborne mold, feces and toxics VOC's to produce oxygen enriched air. Especially good, for people with Asthma & Allergies.

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delighted with the taste of vegetables from their


We use urban roofs more efficiently by growing nutrient-dense produce close to consumers. We help create urban farmers that can form a small-producer farming economy.

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In today's world, when we don't know where our food is coming from, how it is produced and what has been added to it. veggyBARREL® & WALLy™ can be very useful products.

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